Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carrie Underwood Still Avoids Social Media Sites

Steve Mack, FilmMagic
Carrie Underwood, nor her husband Mike Fisher, do not have a Facebook or Twitter account.  The future of her having one does not look promising either.

Last week during CRS, Albright & O’Malley asked Carrie if the status of social networks remained the same. Carrie confirmed that neither “she nor Mike are not on any social media sites”.  Carrie did mention that the fan page is the only official Facebook entity that is ran by the record label.

 Carrie revealed to ABC’s Good Morning America last summer why she does not use social media. "I personally don't find it that necessary for me," she added. "I am technologically -- I don't want to say challenged, because I can do all the basics, but I'm not into it. And some people are into it and they have fun with it and that's awesome. I'm glad people can find some happy by telling people what they had for lunch."

Carrie mention to Albright & O’Malley that she knows of several fake sites and that her only concern is that “they are offering chances for meet & greets and concert tickets.”  

If you hear of anyone giving away tickets or meet & greets under a Carrie Underwood facebook profile Carrie encourages you to please report the site to facebook administration.  Recently a Mike Fisher profile was giving play by play highlights of Mike games on Facebook, stating that it was Carrie doing the commentary. When asked about that at CRS, Carrie let it be known that Mike does not have a Facebook page as well.  That particular profile has since been deleted.

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