Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sugarland Wants To “Bridge The Gap Between Genres”

Sugarland recently told Digital Spy that they have plans to expand their music beyond the country music genre.

“While we initially focused our efforts solely within the country music genre, now we think of ourselves as leaders of those who play around with the sound,” says Jennifer Nettles. ”When we started out, pop music wasn’t a hospitable place for our type of songwriting, but now things are changing and we want to bridge the gap between genres. That’s why we’re branching out!”

When asked if they’d be interested in future collaborations Jennifer and Kristian said they are open to it. “We’re up for anything, even something that’s a complete contrast like featuring a rapper,” Nettles says. “It’s all music and it’s there to be explored.” “We’re experts in collaborating because we have to collaborate with each other,” adds Bush.

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