Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenny Chesney Sees Himself In “Live A Little” Calls It A Concert Staple

Kenny Chesney calls "Live A Little" a song that really defines him. He explains, "Everybody that knows me knows I'm a very focused guy, I keep my eye on the ball, I work really hard, and I'm hands on a lot of times to a fault. But you do at some point have to set it down no matter what you do, and I'm still learning that even now." He adds that fans will definitely be hearing "Live A Little" when they see him in concert this year -- and for years to come. 

Kenny says, "This song will be in our show forever, it's going to be a staple. I'm going to keep reminding people through music that you've got to love life, and you've got to live it, and you can't work all the time." He adds, "And the tempo and the edginess of this song reflects our show to a tee."
Kenny is currently on the ‘Goin Coast” tour.

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