Friday, March 25, 2011

Sara Evans Wants Another Baby, If Someone Close Will Be a Surrogate

Sara Evans has a total of seven children between herself and new husband Jay. In a recent chat with 99 Country, Sara (who has had three pregnancies) said, “We want a baby together, so bad. We’re planning to. I have to figure out the right time. I despise pregnancy. I am begging Jay to let us hire a surrogate but he’s not comfortable with that.”

Evans said she would prefer to have someone close to her carry the baby for her! “I would want it to be somebody I knew, like one of my sisters or a friend,” she said. “Someone I knew I could trust, who wouldn’t run off with my baby.” Evans’ hubby Jay Barker still isn’t feeling the idea as of now.

Evans will tour will Rascal Flatts this summer as part of Flatts Fest.

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