Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brad Paisley Honors Cancer Victim With A Music Celebration

Rick Diamond, Getty Images
A 31-year old Cancer patient Allison Greene lost her 2-year battle with the disease last week, leaving behind her husband and a 3-year old daughter. Allison’s family held a celebration of her life this past Monday, a celebration that they hoped would include Brad Paisley, Allison’s favorite singer. They posted a video to FB hoping to draw Brad’s attention.

Brad was so moved by Allison’s story that he showed up at her celebration of life on Monday to sing some music and show support for her family.
Here is a summary of the Cancer Tribute show: Brad played an acoustic set for several minutes. He started the set by saying “You want to keep this upbeat right?”  He then sang his hit “Celebrity.” Brad then said “I know I am suppose to keep this upbeat but this is the most positive song I can possibly sing today” Brad then sang “I Know Where I’m Going”.  Then Brad was requested and happy to sing “She’s Everything.” Brad then told the Cancer victim’s husband “I’m so impressed with you, you really are amazing.” Brad continued “I look forward to your friendship, Sorry I couldn’t have meet you guys sooner, but we’ll stay in touch.”  Brad then finished out the set with his song “The World”

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