Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garth Brooks Offers Secrets to Happy Marriage

Garth Brooks has offered advice to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert on the secret to a happy marriage. Garth and Trisha Yearwood just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, last December 10.

"If you are going to talk to anybody about anything, talk to your spouse," Garth tells The Boot. "That's it. No matter what. Even if it's about your spouse, it's all about communication. That's the secret."

Another secret Trisha shared is that when she and Garth married they made a vow to cherish his teenage daughters Taylor, August and Allie. The five of them always celebrate Garth and Trisha's wedding anniversary together.

"When we got married five years ago, we married the girls," Trisha tells People of Garth's daughters from his first marriage. "So the five of us always celebrate together."

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