Monday, July 4, 2011

Young Goes Neon

Chris Young‘s new album Neon will be released on July 12.  The album’s debut track “Tomorrow” is looking to become Young’s 4th consecutive No.1 hit.

The ‘Tomorrow’ music video recently topped CMT’s Top 20 Countdown. 

“Makin’ the video was really, really cool,” Young says. “I was surprised by just how much of a day went into it. That was one of the things that I hadn’t really prepared for. Anytime we’ve done a video, there’s always shots that I’m not in. But I’m in basically every shot of that video, so we were there all day. It was like, almost 24 hours that we were there shootin’ this thing. But we got it, and it’s honestly…it’s the first number-one video I’ve ever had, so that was exciting to celebrate that, and it’s just one of those things that I’ve had a lot of people comment on how much they like it.”

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