Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shania Maybe On American Idol
TMZ reported it and now People magazine and CNN are backing up the report.

Shania Twain is reportedly in the running to be American Idol judge.

TMZ calls her candidacy “Plan B” in case the deal with the reported front runner, Jennifer Lopez falls through.
People quotes a source that says, “They’ve been after her ever since she was a mentor on the show last season and they haven’t given up.”

CNN quotes a source who says, “”Shania loves the show. Like everyone else, she’s dying to see who the next ‘American Idol’ judge will be.” and that Shania’s role will have to be “defined in a way that would make sense creatively for an artist of her stature.”

But only last week, Entertainment Weekly reported that it was “highly unlikely” Shania would be a judge on Idol.

Tuesday it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was out…but then later it was reported that was incorrect.

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