Thursday, July 7, 2011

McGraw Legal Fight Goes On

Tim McGraw is doing his best to share some of that new music with fans this summer while his legal battle with Curb Records continues.

“Any artist will tell you their favorite thing to do is play new music, and for us it’s a double-edged sword,” Tim recently told Billboard. “It’s frustrating because we have this great new music that we want to get out to everybody and we can’t, so the only way we can get it out is to play it live. So at least we’re getting it out there.”

Tim is anxious to get the new album out, which includes a duet with Faith Hill as well as a duet with rapper Ne-Yo, it’s out of his control.

“Right now it’s just a matter of letting the legal system handle this,” Tim said. “All I can do is keep doing what I do. I’ve always been a good, honest guy and done the work the way it needed to be done and fulfilled whatever I’ve been obligated to do. All you can do is hope our good faith pays off in the end.”

Tim has a new movie coming out. Dirty Girl, also starring Milla Jovovich, Mary Steenburgen, Juno Temple and William H. Macy.

“I can’t really say (what it is) because it’ll give away too much of the story,” he said. “But it’s a really, really good movie. It’s funny. It’s got a lot of heart. It can make you laugh and cry. It’s got all those great things in it.”

Dirty Girl will premiere in August. Until then, Tim continues his summer trek on the “Emotional Traffic” tour.

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