Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blake And The Voice Will Be Back

Blake Shelton wrapped up his first season as a judge on NBC's hit show, 'The Voice.'

Fans of TV show have been anxiously awaiting confirmation that the four celebrity judges will all return for the second season.

"I think it's safe to say that I'll be back," he affirms on California radio station Go Country 105. "Whenever you're in the middle of contracts and touring and all that, everybody's always afraid to say, 'Don't say it. Don't say for sure.' I'm not saying for sure, but I'm pretty sure we'll all be back, but I think it's the matter of a lawyer somewhere putting a stamp on a piece of paper, saying, 'OK, you can say it now.' But I can't imagine not doing it."

Blake has been busy but says is has been well worth it.

"It's a dream job for me. I get to sing Queen songs with rock stars on national television," he says. "Normally I have to go to a karaoke bar and push some drunk guy out of the way so I can sing the 'PiƱa Colada Song.' I get to do it on TV. That's the best job ever."

Blake's new album, 'Red River Blue,' hits shelves July 12.

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