Monday, July 4, 2011

Jake Got His Hookup

Jake Owen has found love with his "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" video co-star Lacey Buchanan. She's a model from Orlando, and actually appeared in Jake's video for "8 Second Ride" a few years back. 

So, why didn't he ask her out back then? "I didn't ever wanna be the guy that falls in love with his video girl," Jake admits. 

People kept asking Jake about the girl in the "8 Second Ride" video over the years, so Jake decided he'd hire her again for the new clip. 

Jake did want to see Lacey again, and when they got on set for the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" video, the sparks finally flew. "There was no acting whatsoever in this whole video," Jake says. "It's pretty interesting to look at your life on film and believe it. It's real. You know, it's really cool. It's good feeling."

Jake knows how to impress a girl too. He recently took Lacey to a private dinner at Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's house in Nashville.

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