Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gary Allan Is Ready

Gary Allan is getting ready to release a new album, and it's been nearly 15 years since his first project, Used Heart for Sale, came out.

Gary won't be looking back and celebrating that milestone though. He tells, "I've never listened to an album once it's finished. All I hear is what I should've done different. I beat myself up over it."

Instead, Gary likes to focus on what he's currently working on.

Surrounding himself with creative people helps him keep his music fresh. The hardest part is just remembering what songs he's written when it comes time to record an album. "My problem is that once I write them, I forget about them," Gary says. "I love them all when I'm doing it, so I have to step away from it a while and then go back and listen to decide if it's good."

Gary prefers singing his songs on the road.

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