Monday, July 11, 2011

Drinks Are On Chesney

Kenny Chesney one day, in 2002, decided to join the fans for some pre-concert fun.

"It started purely out of boredom. There are only so many hours you can sit on the bus and watch TV or play basketball or whatever we do to pass the time before we go out onstage," Kenny admits to Billboard.

"One day I could see all the tailgaters and everybody out there. It was this whole other world out there, so I said, 'I'm gonna go out there in the middle of it and see it” Kenny continues.

Kenny can relate to his fans' excitement by surprising them before shows.

"I'm a huge Aerosmith fan," he explains. "If I was out there with my buddies hanging out, having a few beers before the show and Steven Tyler rolled up and gave me a margarita, I'd never forget it. So that was something that I thought about."

Immensely appreciative of his own fans, Kenny says they often mirror himself.

"They are incredibly passionate, hard-working, fun loving, life loving, music loving bunch of people. They reflect me a lot.” Kenny goes on “The Fans know every word and it shows you they're not just listening to the songs on the radio, it's literally part of their life. I never would have imagined that would be the case."

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