Monday, November 22, 2010

Toby Keith Refuses to 'Politic' His Way Into Awards

Toby Keith, has won only two CMA awards in his career, which has spanned more than 17 years, hasn't been nominated for the coveted trophy since 2005. 

Toby says he has other things to do.  
"I can go spend the rest of the year working on my Ford endorsement, making a movie, doing commercials, doing music," Toby tells the Toronto Sun." I can do other things instead of going into town five or six times a year trying to politic my way into an award. It hasn't affected me one bit."

Toby says he made the decision several years ago to separate himself from the way other country artists operate. "I don't live in Nashville and it's just negative energy," he continues. "It's 364 days a year of politicking, trying to get that stuff and then one night watching 13 out of 15 come from the same label. I just said about five years ago, 'I'm not going no more.' And I haven't been back."

The American Country Awards have nominated Toby for Touring Headline Package of the Year and is set to perform on the show next month.   

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