Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Music ‘Very, Very Seriously’

Country Strong Film Director Shana Feste says she thinks Paltrow will be successful.
“She worked very hard on the music,” Feste tells People. “She worked with Byron Gallimore, who was Tim McGraw and Faith’s Hill‘s producer … And she had guitar lessons and vocal lessons and she took it very, very seriously.”
“I just knew that she had the chops to do it and I thought that it was a surprising choice,” Feste said of Paltrow’s role in the movie. “She’s not who you’d think of when you think country singer. Your mind doesn’t immediately go to Gwyneth Paltrow, but I knew that she had the acting ability to pull it off.”
Paltrow will take the stage at the 44th Annual CMA Awards.

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