Friday, November 26, 2010

Mark Wills Recovering After Life-Saving Surgery

Mark Wills had his large intestine ruptured. It happened last month and Mark says even the medical staff was shocked by the amount of toxins that had been "spewing" inside of him and poisoning his system. After a successful surgery, doctors bluntly informed Mark that had he wasted any more time getting to the hospital, he would have died.

"There's not many more ways to bring you down to reality or put you in your place or make you realize how fragile life is when your doctor tells you, 'Dude, you were dying,'" Mark tells The Boot. "Once that shock sort of wears off, then you realize what you're leaving. That's where it really bothers you. It never dawned on me how precious your time is and how quickly it can be gone. 

Mark has been spending a majority of his recovery time at home near Atlanta, Ga. with his wife Kelly and their two daughters, Mally (12) and Macey (7). Mark admits that he is having a hard time adjusting to all the downtime.

Prior to his medical emergency, Mark had been in the studio working hard on what he calls his "best work yet." Six songs for the album have been completed thus far. Mark will head back into the studio to finish the project in early 2011.

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