Friday, November 19, 2010

Introducing Luke Bryan’s Son-Tatum has the first look at Luke Bryan’s newest family addition, Tatum Christopher. Luke and Caroline welcomed the new baby boy into their family on August 11th, and so far…baby #2 is much easier, but only because the parents have gotten used to things.  “Tate is just chilled out — he doesn’t throw up every time he eats and he sleeps,” Caroline explains. “We’re getting better. You just know the deal on the second one.”  Equally excited to have a new baby in the house is big brother Bo who is 2 1/2.

“Bo’s done really well. He has his moments where he asks me to put Tate down,” laughs Caroline. “He likes to hold him and kiss him.”  “Sometimes he’ll walk up and poke [3-month-old Tate] in the eye, but mostly he just tries to love on him too hard,” Luke adds.

The two admit it’s been a difficult balance with Luke’s schedule getting more and more jam-packed, but free time can’t be all about the boys…it’s about the marriage as well.  We had a movie night planned and [the band was] late coming home [from tour]. Caroline said, ‘Let’s just cancel and you can spend some time with Bo,’” Luke recalls. “But I was like, ‘No, we’ve been planning that.’ You still have to give your wife ample time too. I think some people get so encompassed [in] pleasing their children, they forget to tend to their marriage.

Click here to read more and even get a little peak at Tatum’s farm-inspired nursery.   

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