Friday, November 19, 2010

Taylor Swift Puts The Needle On The Record And Goes Vinyl With SPEAK NOW Today

As reported on, Taylor Swift is releasing, Speak Now, on vinyl. The double LP TODAY.
“The vinyl is really important to me,” Swift tells EW, “because I’m so in love with the concept of an album — a collection of memories from your life that you’re giving to people. It’s a piece of you. Buying them on vinyl is just taking that one step further and acknowledging that albums are important.”
Taylor’s not just all talk, the 20 year old has a record player in her own home, which frequently Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, the Black Keys, and more.

“There’s something so fascinating about the cover art — every single one of those was a decision by somebody and people put a lot of time and effort into it,” she says. “With my albums, I have a lot of fun with the art direction and a lot of what I do is trying to visually express what the song says. We’re incorporating the same art in the vinyl album as we do in the CD, but it’s done in a different format. It’s really put forth in its own way.”      

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