Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jason Aldean tailgates every Saturday...would skip the Grammy's for a game

Jason recently chatted with ESPN about his love of the Georgia Bulldogs and tailgating. He says:
"Every Saturday, no matter what's going on, I have to be in front of the TV watching the Georgia football game," Aldean said. "So I have a TV my bus that pulls out, and has a big cooler behind it, so it's perfect to just sit out there and tailgate every weekend."
And just to prove the point that he takes his football serious, ESPN asked about which would be most important a Grammy or watching his beloved Bulldogs winning the BCS title?
"A Grammy would be pretty nice, but I'd probably have to take the national championship," he said. "I'd be cancelling shows to make sure I went to the game."
I guess that means that if you're buying Jason Aldean tickets it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the college football team standings or else you might find yourself holding tickets to a canceled concert.

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