Monday, November 8, 2010

Jimmy Wayne Nearly Arrested in Mexico

Jimmy Wayne during Darryl Worley's Travelin' Country Cruise Halloween Party, which set sail from Tampa, Fla., headed to Cozumel, got into a bit of trouble.

"When you're on a boat for two or three days, you're ready to do something ... get on your feet and explore," Jimmy tells The Boot. "The first thing I saw was an Avis rent-a-car. I got a convertible jeep for the afternoon, and I was driving around having a good time. I found a Starbucks and a Mexican restaurant, and I had some amazing food."

Jimmy was pulled over by the local police who clocked him speeding. "This police officer walked up to the jeep, and he said, 'Follow me to jail.' I started laughing a little bit because I thought he was kidding."

Jimmy realized that it was now 4:00 "land time," he knew that getting to the ship was crucial. "I asked the officer how much it was going to cost to let me go. He told me $100, which I did not have. I told him I had $15. He said, 'Give me your $50.' When I explained to him that I said $15, not $50, he searched my passport wallet, my pockets and the car to see if I had any more money than that."

The officer settled for Jimmy's $15 and didn't say anything else to the singer. "I just pushed the gas and drove off at that point," Jimmy recalls. "The police just sat there in their car and didn't do anything else."

Luckily the ship waited for Jimmy and all ended on a happy note.

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