Friday, January 14, 2011

Taylor Swift ‘Won’t Write Song About Jake Gyllenhaal’

Taylor has promised to not write a song about Jake Gyllenhaal and their relationship.  Via “Jake is very uncomfortable with having his private life in the media which was one of the reasons he and Taylor didn’t work out,” explains a source close to the actor.

“He and Taylor remain close friends and she has promised nothing from their relationship is going to end up in a song. She’s grown up a lot in the last year and understands that some things are not for her fans.”

Recent reports claimed Jake dumped Taylor because their romance got far too much attention. “Jake was really caught off guard and taken aback by how Reese ended it. Honestly, he’s still reeling from that,” a source said.

“Jake was surprised by all the attention [he and Swift attracted], and the last thing he wanted was another public, surprise break-up.

“Taylor’s young, you just don’t know what could have happened. He needed to contain it, before it went any further. “He’s just not in that relationship space right now.”
Meanwhile, Swift is said to be feeling down in the dumps over the state of her love life. “Taylor has been really down,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

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