Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Country Stars Chat About The End of 2010 and the beginning of 2011

Reba McEntire  - "What I look forward to in 2011 is getting to go out on tour again with George Strait and Lee Ann Womack, spending more time with my buddies out on vacation, my families. I am just really looking forward to the next year."

Brad Paisley - “Reflect on the last decade of hits”. " It feels good to actually recap, and show both on a record what we've accomplished, and then live what we've accomplished, which is probably something I'm even more proud of."

Carrie Underwood wants to focus on becoming a better person in her relationships. "Fortunately there's nothing I need to quit," 

Lady Antebellum - "Our goal now is to sit back, reflect and reconnect with family, and sit back and have an understanding of how incredible this year has been for us," the trio's Charles Kelley explains. "We really do understand that, and to have a little time to soak it in is going to be great. We're about to start on our next record soon, and that's our next goal: how can we do this for a long time? That's what we got our eyes set on." His fellow bandmate, Hillary Scott, says her goal for the new year will be writing and recording more songs that connect with their fans. "Making music that is relevant that people feel," Hillary states. "I think more than anything, we just try to write songs that are true to who we are, and if that resonates with people, then that's the win for us." 

"My New Year's resolution is the same ones as usually everybody else's," Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery says. "It's always you want to lose a little weight. I definitely want to make great music and hang with Troy and have a great time and see all our friends out on the road playing and just have a great time." His duo partner, Troy Gentry, is on the same page. "Everybody wants to lose a little weight. I want to be a good dad and I want to be a good husband. I want to get out there and win over the hearts of our fans and continue making great music."

Kellie Pickler - "This year has just been so amazing. I've been so blessed, and workin' on the new album, a fourth USO tour, which is exciting. I'm engaged, so planning a wedding. Got a lot on my plate right now, but I'm having fun."

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