Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Hoping for Second Child

Nicole Kidman, confirms that she & Keith have not ruled out having a second child together. "We're hoping for another one," tells Australia's Sydney Morning Herald.

Nicole, who stars in the new film, 'Rabbit Hole,' also says she and Keith don't like being separated from their two-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, for very long. "Time is the most precious thing. I'm very particular about how I spend it. I'm more reluctant to leave my family."  She adds, "Keith and I are very tight and we're never separated. If we are, it's no more than three days."

Nicole says that Sunday is "a Tennessee girl" and has reached what she and Keith call "the 'raccoon' stage because she's into everything ... She's just really hard to wrangle at this stage."

Nicole Kidman is interviewed by friend and co-star Jennifer Aniston for the Harper’s Bazaar cover story. Unlike formal interviews, this one is so natural and personal. Inside, Nicole gushes about meeting Keith Urban and her life in Nashville. It was all very literally an answered prayer…a prayer she prayed the moment she first saw Keith Urban.

I remember thinking, Oh, my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I’d meet somebody, if not him, like him. It’s very obvious from the interview that Nicole has found bliss in her life in Tennessee with Keith and daughter Sunday.

He brought me down to this place called Leipers Fork, just outside of Nashville, very lush and rural. I just went aaah. You know how you dream as a girl; I’m one of those people. I would meet a guy, then I would imagine myself married and with kids within the first hour. [Laughs] But it worked out.
And…the couple has no trouble keeping the home-fires burning…turns out Keith buys Nicole lingerie. Growl…
You can read the entire interview here.

'Rabbit Hole' is in theaters now. Keith Urban is already prepping his Get Closer 2011 World Tour, which kicks off in Australia in April and heads back to the States in June.

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