Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brad Paisley’s Son Huck Is A Caped Crusader

The Paisley Behind The Mask: Is Huck Paisley.  With all the “Hero” shows on TV these days including No Ordinary Family on ABC, The Cape on NBC and the #1 movie in the country being “The Green Hornet”.  It’s understandable.

Many celebrities disguise their children in public, but the Batman mask on Brad Paisley's son Huck isn't an attempt to protect his privacy. It's more like his superhero internship. "Huck's been wearing his Batman costume for a while," Paisley says. "I'm not kidding. He goes everywhere in it. [One time] people came up, this happened out in California, and they saw him in his Batman mask eating at a restaurant. They said, 'We just wanted to say we're really big fans. Do you make him wear that so people can't see his face? Like Michael Jackson?' And I went, 'Yup.'"

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