Friday, February 4, 2011

Trace Adkins: ‘I Could Do a Better Job Than Most Politicians’

Trace Adkins chatting with CNN recently, was asked if he ever looks at politicians and thinks, ”You’re doing it all wrong. I can do this,” Adkins responded, “Yeah, of course. I mean, we can all armchair quarterback, and look at other people, and criticize, and pick ‘em apart and say, “I can do better than that,” but none of us that aren’t in the fray actually know all the things that they’re probably dealing with — and how could we? But I could probably do a better job than most of the politicians, absolutely.”

Trace also had something to add about Sarah Palin saying, “Well, I could go from the mayor of my town, to the President of the United States! I’d probably do a better job than all of those guys.”

The recent shooting in Arizona was another subject tackled by Adkins, who’s a lifetime member of the NRA. He said, “The guy was nuts. Absolutely. I think the failures in this particular instance were … somebody dropped the ball. This kid should have never been able to own a gun. Ever. He should have only been able to eat with plastic spoons.”

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