Monday, February 21, 2011

Tim McGraw Has Invited Martha Stewart to Be His Cook on Tour

Tim McGraw recently on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ extended an invitation for Martha to join McGraw on his ‘Emotional Traffic’ tour.

At one point, Stewart said, “I could be the cook on your bus,” to which McGraw ecstatically replied, “Come on! We’re inviting you right now.” Stewart said, “That would be so much to see what it’s like. I was never one of those groupie girls.” The country singer teased Stewart and replied, “Oh come on! Tell us the stories.”

Stewart asked Tim about his arduous touring schedule. “Well it’s gonna take a while,” McGraw said. However, Tim doesn’t let touring get in the way on his family life. “We try to plan the tour around when the kids are out of school. But I’ll fly back and forth a lot,” McGraw continued. “I don’t leave ’til three or four in the afternoon and I get home at one or two in the morning. So I get to be home quite a bit.”

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