Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Darryl Worley is Enjoying Time Off and Deer Stew This Winter

Darryl Worley called in to WGNA/Albany and caught listeners up with what he has been doing this winter, which has been particularly nasty for much of the country. Worley admitted that he has enjoyed a bit of time off; and that during that time he and his family have feasted on a lot of venison.

“We eat more deer meat than anything else,” Worley said about his preferred country cuisine. “My wife just made deer chili and a big ol’ huge deer stew.” He also joked that he grinds up the deer horns for breakfast and laughed that “we put it into a thing called ‘goatmeal.’” Mmm! Sounds delish.

The winter weather has hit the Worley farm in Tennessee, too, and he’s been dealing with all that noise. Worley said, “We had a big ol’ winter down here. For 15-20 years, we never saw any snow. But we had about eight or 10 inches on my farm.”

He also dispelled the myth that those who live in warmer southern states can’t deal with driving in the snow, saying, “Out here in the country, they do fine. If you are in the city, like Jackson or up in Nashville especially, my wife and I saw people running off the road in four-wheel drive trucks and the road wasn’t even white yet. Just the fear of the snow that was falling, like, ‘Ah, we better run off the road just to be safe!’”

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