Friday, February 25, 2011

Luke Bryan Reveals Facebook Hacker Drama

Luke Bryan spoke recently about one rather serous subject: a fake Facebook account that was created in Bryan’s name. The hacker snookered several fans and could have soiled Bryan’s good name, but the singer is taking it all in stride.

When Bryan spoke to WQYK, he admitted that the social networking drama caused him a bit of a headache and said that fans can stay up-to-date on his happenings via his official Twitter handle, which is @LukeBryanOnline.

During a chat with KMPS, Bryan revealed that the Facebook faker used the account to toy with fans, offering free tickets and even had one unfortunate soul thinking he could quit his job and write songs with Bryan. Thankfully, the culprit has been stopped.

During a  KFROG chat Bryan admitted that one of his wife’s email addresses got shut down in the wake of the Facebook hack and he was unhappy about how the event intruded into his life. 

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