Friday, February 11, 2011

Sugarland Blogs (Again!) From U.K.

Sugarland just posted another blog about their U.K. adventures.  (A snipet is below) Our 2011 U.K./Ireland Promo Tour rolled on over the weekend with a stop on Friday in Ireland, where we played that country’s Late Late Show — the oldest chat show in the world.

It was so windy on Friday in Dublin that water was actually blowing horizontally out of fountains. There was something very gray and Irish about the weather the entire time we were in country, actually, which really added to the mood.

(Kristian did manage to keep his hat on, regardless. He’s a pro.) It took us the full day on Saturday to get back to London — high winds again! — and yesterday was a day off. When consulted, the most popular answer for what everyone did with their personal time was “Walk around a lot.” There is so much to see in this town — historic museums, street markets, great fashion and peoplewatching — and we’ve not even scratched the surface. Looking forward to more free time this week!

Finally, Monday marked the official U.K. release of The Incredible Machine, and we spent it doing radio and TV interviews across the land. More footage and photos soon at 

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