Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lee Brice Discusses His "Storybook" Romance

Lee Brice says he might not be married to his son's mother, but she's still very special to him.  Lee first met Sarah 12 years ago, "in a storybook way," telling, it was a chance encounter on the beach while he was on vacation.

Lee recalls that she passed him and his buddies, "in this big ole sweatshirt, and you can't tell if she's attractive or not." But the way the light hit her he thought she was simply "gorgeous," and he dumped his friends to stay on the beach with her.

Brice explains that at first they dated, were just friends in college, and eventually lost touch -- in part because she was living in Ohio. He says a few years ago he decided to reconnect with her, and looked her up during a tour stop in her home state. Romance blossomed again, this time resulting in their son, Takoda, who's now two.

Brice admits that even with a child they still want to be careful about their relationship. He explains they weren't going to rush into a marriage just because of the baby, but, "we wanted to do it for the right reasons." However, Lee might be finding some compelling reasons to formalize his relationship.

Lee describes Sarah as "just an awesome person" and "a wonderful girl," and adds that it's hard for him to be away from her and their son.

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