Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lambert Admits Twitter Addiction

Miranda Lambert couldn't sleep early Tuesday morning, so she decided to hop on Twitter and take questions from fans. 

Miranda revealed her favorite vacation spot was her home with husband Blake Shelton in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.
Miranda also said her favorite current books were The Help and The Hunger Games, and her favorite guilty pleasure on TV is Toddlers & Tiara.  As for other career aspirations, Miranda really doesn't have any.  She says if she wasn't a singer, she'd be trying to make it as a singer.

Some sample of the questions below:

what is your guilty pleasure??? – Toddlers and Tiaras
favorite color? And favorite road memory?- Pink and playing a show with merle haggard.
What’s #1 on your Bucket List?-I don’t have a bucket list!
what’s your favorite infomercial?-The shake wight! Hahahah!
where would you like to live?do u have a favourite city?-Where I live now in OK. Love NYC!
who is someone from another genre you would love to do a song with?-Beyonce!
What is your favorite thing to do when you are not touring?-Hang out on my farm and ride horses and 4 wheelers.
where’s your favorite vacation spot?-Tishomingo Oklahoma:)
whats your favourite book?  - The Help and the Hunger Games
date night w/hubby = boots or flipflops?- Bare feet in our kitchen!
cookies or cupcakes?- Cookie cake!!:)
Are you an early riser or night owl?- Lets put it this way. Its late.
what’s your best advice for a bride??- Soak in every second.
What animal don’t you have that you want…. – An Alpaca!
What will u say about ur dancing skills ????- Lack of.
what’s your biggest pet peeve?-When people are bored and tweet non stop to cure insomnia! Hehehee..

what’s your favourite quote?- “Tell em im coming, and hell ‘s coming with me”
Miranda Lambert's all-girl group Pistol Annies is off to a big start. The group's debut album, Hell on Heels, hit #1 on iTunes' overall album chart this week.  

Miranda tweeted her excitement saying, "Thank you all for getting a copy of the album!"  

The Pistol Annies project is available only as a digital release unless you get it directly from

Fans have been asking about a vinyl version of the album as well, and the group says it could happen if enough people show interest.

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