Sunday, October 14, 2012

Billy Currington In The New York Times

Houston-based journalist Kate Murphy got a great quote from Billy on eating:  "I had the opportunity to go to Ocean City, Md., recently. Have you ever heard of it? They hooked me up with the biggest blue crabs you have ever seen. We feasted on those things for days. I grew up catching and eating seafood but there’s something about crabs up there that is very special."
Listening:  "To be honest the music I listen to the most, whether it’s in my truck or in the house, is songwriter demos. Demos are when a songwriter makes a recording of a song just to pitch it to an artist. I get hundreds a year. I’ll put them on an iPod or my computer and listen to them over and over and file away the ones I like the most, and those are usually the songs I end up putting on an album a year or two or 10 later. Some of my favorite songs are from one gal named Karyn Rochelle. She’s a magnificent writer in Nashville. I’ve wanted to record every one of her songs but for various rhymes and reasons I haven’t been able to yet."
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