Monday, October 1, 2012

Eli Young Band Enjoys The Surreal Moments

While there have been some pretty incredible moments in Eli Young Band's career over the last year they say there have also been some surreal moments, like performing on the David Letterman show.
James explains, “I grew up watching it as a kid. You know any of those tonight shows are just like' pinch me moments'."  Another moment that almost didn‟t seem real was performing on an awards show.  The guys have sat  in the audience at awards shows, but to actually be up in front of their peers performing one of their songs, Mike says, “I personally thought I was going to be very uncomfortable up there because it's not like a normal show. You've got all the other artists that are sitting right in front of you watching you perform so it's a different dynamic to be able to perform to. It felt actually really comfortable and it was one of the moments, it's like, I'm singing 'Crazy Girl' to Carrie Underwood right now, and this is crazy.”  
Chances are with the success they've been having, they'll have plenty more opportunities to get comfortable singing songs like their new one, “Say Goodnight,” in front of an audience full of their peers. The band is vying for two big CMA awards trophies next month.

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