Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Greg Bates, Shopping Cart Wrangler

Bates, who has his first top 20 hit on his hands with “Did It for the Girl,” has a strange pet peeve and he blames his mom for it.
Greg explains, “When I was a kid, my mom's biggest pet peeve was when you pull into the parking lot at a grocery store, and people have left their carts out in the parking spaces, she would always make us as kids go grab them and bring them in. So, to this day when I pull into a grocery store parking lot and I see a buggy sitting out in the parking lot, outside of the little gated area that they have for you, it just drives me nuts and I don't know why… I can't seem to be okay with carts being left out.”  
Coincidentally, when Greg was a teenager he worked at Target one summer and his job was to wrangle the carts in the parking lot, which of course he loved.  “I was the cart guy outside and loved it! It was amazing! I basically got to move carts around all day!”

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