Monday, August 4, 2014

"Having A Better Sophomore Album Is Inevitable"

Florida Georgia Line’s sophomore album, featuring their latest single, “Dirt,” will be released this fall, and Tyler Hubbard believes it’s inevitable that the next album will be better than their first, simply because everyone involved with it has learned and grown since they recorded their first album.

“Anything you do repeatedly, you’re gonna get better at,” says Tyler. “Practice makes perfect. If anything, we’ve practiced a lot the last two years. Whether it’s performing or writing or recording or anything, we’ve learned a ton in the process. So, I think with this album it’s gonna be better than the first album, naturally.”

Not only does he believe they’ve found better songs, but he Tyler says, “I think (our producer) Joey Moi’s gotten better; we’ve gotten better. Everybody gets better as you progress and continue to be hungry for knowledge and hungry for betterin’ yourself, and I think that’s where our whole team is at.”

They haven’t announced a specific release date for the album, but it looks like it will be out around October.

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