Monday, August 25, 2014

Florida Georgia Line Remembers Where They Came From With “Dirt”

FGL’s latest single is definitely different from their hits like “Cruise” and “This Is How We Roll,” but Tyler Hubbard says that was part of the appeal of the song. “We’ve done the party songs, we’ve done the upbeat fun stuff, and this is just a song that everybody can relate to. People young or people older, everybody kinda has that place in their life that’s home and that they have a special spot in their heart for. So I think that’s the kinda thing we’re tryin’ to capture with this song.”

The guys knew the song was one they wanted to record the first time they heard it. Tyler says, “When we first heard ‘Dirt’, I mean, we were blown away. It was one of those songs, you kinda get done listenin’ you have chill bumps on your arms, and you’re just like, wow, I can really relate to that. So, it his us hard the first time we heard it.”

They also like the message of the song. “(It’s) just kind of a little reminder of the importance of where you came from,” says Tyler, “where you grew up, and just in general where you live now and whatever that area is for you in your life.”

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