Monday, May 13, 2013

Thomas Rhett Finds Parenting (Of A Dog) Isn't Easy

Rhett and his wife Lauren have been married for less than a year (October 12, 2012), and while they’re not ready for children just yet, they’re getting plenty of practice with their new puppy. 

“We got a puppy about seven months ago,” says Thomas. “She’s a Catahoula Leopard Dog and her name is Kona. She has been the hardest responsibility of my entire life… It’s really complicated trying to raise a dog to be good. We’re actually taking her to a 3-week obedience course and we hope that really helps out some of the quirks that we can’t fix on our own.” 

Part of the problem is that Thomas has been out on the road promoting his new single “It Goes Like This” and opening for Jason Aldean on his Night Train Tour and he says, “Being on the road, it’s hard to have consistency in training your dog ‘cause I’m hardly ever there.” 

And apparently his wife Lauren is not a strict disciplinarian. “Lauren feels so sorry for her when she gets in trouble that Lauren doesn’t really discipline her very well, so we’re gonna let someone else do it.”

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