Monday, May 6, 2013

Taylor Swift Loves The Life Of A Song

Swift is currently touring the country with her RED Tour, and for her, getting to bring her songs to life on stage is the ultimate payoff in the songwriting cycle. 

Taylor explains, “The most amazing feeling is to watch a song start out as just an idea that hits you in the middle of your day and kind of haunts you until you write it. And then you’re playing it in your living room on guitar. And then you take it to a studio and they put a band behind it. And then it goes out to the world and it becomes what it’s gonna be. And all of a sudden this idea that was just yours is now everybody else’s. They sing it in their cars and they sing it about their breakups or falling in love and they incorporate it into their lives. The fact that -- then you can look out into a crowd of fifty thousand people and see them singing that back to you, that whole process is my favorite thing in the world.” 

You can catch Taylor Swift on her RED Tour through September 21st, when she wraps it up with a three-night stand in Nashville. Click here for a complete list of dates.

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