Monday, July 30, 2012

Tim's Motivation To Stay In Shape

If you’ve seen Tim McGraw lately then you know he is in fantastic shape, probably the best shape of his life. 
“I was an athlete growing up so I’ve always sort of been a gym rat a little bit,” says Tim.  But he admits with a laugh, “There’s been times in my life and in my career where I let it slide a little bit.”  
But these days he’s not letting anything slide, and besides needing to be in good shape to perform on stage, Tim says, “I just like being healthy, you know.  I quit drinking four years ago because I wanted to be healthy and because I wanted to be around for my grandkids.  And I think more than anything I want to see my kids grow up and I want to meet my grandkids and hopefully my great grandkids.  So you know, I just try to be healthy.” 

Tim definitely needs to be in shape to put on the kind of show he’s putting on out on the Brothers of the Sun Tour every weekend and to perform songs like his high-energy single, “Truck Yeah.”

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