Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love And Theft Scores Another Top 10 Hit; Goes Squirrel Hunting?

L&T News:
1.  "Trio-turned-duo Love And Theft celebrates its second top 10 as "Angel Eyes" jumps 12-10 in its 33rd chart week. That's exactly the same number of weeks it took their first top 10 to reach the upper tier, noted when "Runaway" spent the first of two weeks at its No. 10 peak in 2009." -- the 615

2.  Do Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Grunderson really hunt squirrel in their spare time? Have they really killed 40 or 50 in a single day? Does Gunderson really use a Medieval sword to clear brush? The duo begin to answer some of these pressing questions in a new episode of ‘Love and Theft TV,’ premiering exclusively on Townsqare Media's Taste of Country.

3.  iTunes reports their new album will be available July 24.

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