Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tim McGraw Opens The Door To New Homes For Wounded Warriors

As part of a program called Operation HomeFront, Tim has the honor of presenting the keys to a mortgage free home to a wounded warrior or service member in need at each stop of the Brothers of the Sun Tour.
It was a no-brainer for him to get involved as soon as they asked him because he says the recipients of the homes, “They put their life on the line, they put everything on the line.  They put their families on the back burner because they have to be away.  And to think that these wounded soldiers come home and they don’t have a foundation, some of these guys, they don’t have a foundation for their family.  They don’t have that safety and security that they provide for us every day … it just doesn’t seem right to me.”  
Tim says one of the most gratifying things has been to see the relief on the faces of the recipients of the homes.  But at the same time there have been some who don’t feel like they deserve the home. 
“That’s the biggest point that I wanted to get across to them,” says Tim, “is for these guys to never think that they don’t deserve this, cause they deserve this and way more.”  And while he wishes he could give a home to every wounded warrior who needs one he says, “You can’t help everybody, but everybody that you do help it makes a difference.”  
Tim’s latest single, “Truck Yeah,” just became the highest debuting single of his career, and is continuing to move quickly up the charts.

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