Friday, February 3, 2012


Blake Shelton sat down with Jay Leno on the NBC Tonight Show last night (2/2). After the witty interview, he performed his latest single ‘Drink On It.’

  • Blake on marriage to Miranda joked: “Everybody says it always changes but were just as miserable now as we were before we got married”
  • Blake revealed that the longest time he and Miranda have spent together was the past holiday break (Thanksgiving through the New Years) at home due to the busy touring schedule
  • Blake on the thing that irritates him since marriage to Miranda: “I can’t stand the things she watches on television, we only have one television so we watch she wants to watch…..‘Say Yes To the Dress’ is the worst television show she watches that crap….It’s hell”
  • Blake said “I watch what she wants to watch” and then confessed to watching “The Note Book” with Miranda and said he cried.
  • On performing the Super Bowl:“That is the high point for a singer.”
Blake revealed that the ‘The Voice Judges’ are in a Super Bowl commercial promoting the ‘Voice’ show, Blake compared the fight scene in the commercial to the ‘Kill Bill movie (In the commercial Blake and Adam Levine have a fight scene, where Adam punches Blake throwing him back onto a table and smashing it)

Today, he guests with "Ellen."

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