Monday, February 27, 2012

The Band Perry = Big In Polka Circles

If you listen to The Band Perry’s first album, you‟ll hear the unique sound of an accordion on several of the songs. Neil explains, "When we were recording our album, we were talking with our producer and the keyboardist who actually played on it and he had an accordion lying on the ground and we looked at it and we said, 'That would be cool to put on here.' So we put a bunch of it on the album.”

After the album was done the trio realized someone would have to play the accordion during their live shows. "And of course, we drew straws [and it] landed with me,” says Neil. But actually he says he loves playing the instrument and it‟s one of his favorite parts of the live show. Plus, Kimberly points out, “He's really popular down in Texas because everybody thinks he's a mariachi player. And up north …” Neil is apparently a hit with Polka fans. "Tuba players love this guy,” jokes Kimberly.

The Band Perry will soon be heading into the studio to begin recording their sophomore album.

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