Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Years After Hitting Nashville, He Celebrates His 1st #1

“People who know me, know that I can get teary,” cautioned David Nail in front of the backdrop at ASCAP’s Music Row offices, where over 100 people had gathered to help celebrate “Let It Rain,” the Grammy-nominated vocalist’s first #1 single. Not only did the single make history as the longest rising #1 since the inception of the country radio charts, but Nail also co-wrote the song of mistakes and consequences with ASCAP writer Jonathan Singleton.

“There was a point when I was so low, I didn’t know… and I called Jason (Sheer, who owns the Tin Roof), who told me I was playing there that night. He didn’t ask me, he told me. “I swear, that call and that night changed everything,” he continued. “If I hadn’t gone out to the Tin Roof and sung, I would’ve gone back home to Missouri.”

Presentations were made by the Country Music Association, the Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc., BMG Music Publishing and ASCAP, whose Ryan Beuschel also gave Nail a guitar to commemorate his first #1. After 48 weeks, a lot of white-knuckle moments, and last minute pushes by the MCA Promotion team and the faith of country radio, David Nail had finally arrived in the #1 Club.

“There are so many people to thank, so many people who believed and helped and fought,” Nail said. “There have been so many moments when it felt like it would all fall apart, but people kept in there with us. They didn’t want to give up, either, and that’s maybe the mark of making a difference with a song or an album: when people care enough to not just move on. Right now, I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

Pausing for only a moment to thank the people who came, he posed for pictures, did interviews and then headed straight to his bus for a string of Texas and Arizona dates before starting a California run. “The Sound of A Million Dreams” is slated to follow up “Let It Rain” as Nail’s next single. He will also be seen in Country Radio Seminar’s New Faces Showcase in Nashville.

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