Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tim and Taylor In A Movie?

Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift to star in possible movie?

It’s just a speculated rumor right now. IMDB has Tim along with Taylor Swift on the roster for the film Paradi$e. Tim's rumored to play dad Brad Anderson and Taylor is speculated for the role of Allison Roth.  

From IMDB's plot summary for the movie:  Paradi$e is a compelling, uplifting, contemporary drama that centers on a Hollywood family falling apart and mending itself back together. While the backdrop is decorated with all the accouterments of the lavish lifestyle, the story in due course debunks it all. We take a journey with the Anderson family-Brad (50) the talent manager father, Kristen (45) a devoted but naive wife, Tyler (18) a basketball sensation and Justin (16) a free spirited skateboard champ-and watch as they learn how all that really matters is having each other in a time where morals are evaporating, money is scarce and dreams only come true for those who care. Written by Daniel J. Gillin and Jonathon Baron.

Being in pre-production there is no more definitive information.  

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