Monday, June 30, 2014

Rascal Flatts Look To Examples Of Longevity To Keep Their Career Going

They have now been making music together for 15 years, and give credit for a lot of their success and staying power to their predecessors in country music who have had such tremendous longevity and staying power.

“Through the years [we] have had so much inspiration from other artists,” says Joe Don Rooney. “You look at the Reba McEntire’s of the world, the George Straits, the Tim McGraws and groups like Alabama that have had longevity. This genre has probably the biggest list of artists with longevity that there is, so we had that early on in our career to look up to and to have as inspiration. I believe that’s part of the reason we’re still here today.”

Rascal Flatts just celebrated the 15th #1 song of their career with “Rewind,” and they’re hoping their latest single, “Payback,” will be #16. They’re also spending their summer on the road on their Rewind Tour with Sheryl Crow and Gloriana.

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