Monday, September 16, 2013

Tim McGraw's Daughters Inspire Him To Speak Out

The video for “Highway Don’t Care,” which was just nominated for three CMA Awards, takes the opportunity to speak out against the dangerous epidemic of texting and driving. 

Although that’s not what the song is about, Tim loved the video treatment and he says, ““I’m not a big soap box guy so I’m not gonna stand on a soap box and tell everybody how they should live their lives and the things that they should do, and what you should and shouldn’t do.” However, as a father of two teenage daughters who are starting to drive, Tim says, “It just felt like it was the right opportunity and I was in a position to feel like that. It really meant something for me to say it because I do have teenage daughters, so it wouldn’t be like just throwing a message out there for the hell of throwing a message out there.”

Tim, whose current single “Southern Girl” is approaching the top ten, acknowledges, “It’s a different world than when I was a kid. I mean, the idea of having a phone anywhere outside of your house—I remember not having a phone, period. So having a phone outside of your house and texting and talking on the phone and driving it’s not engrained as it is now, because we’ve lived with it for a while but that’s all they know.” He hopes that by lending his voice to the initiative not to text and drive that he can help keep his daughters and everyone else on the roads a little safer.

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