Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kenny Chesney Accepts Billboard Touring Awards

The magazine's Andrew Hampp writes:  "Kenny Chesney ... appeared on-stage three different times -- twice to accept awards for Top Package and Road Warrior, and then third to present Billboard's Ray Waddell with a special Legend of Scribe award (after 25 years of covering the touring business)."

An eight-time winner of the Top Package award, this was Chesney's first appearance at the Touring Awards.

"It was ironic that before I came up here they had 'Dancing In The Dark' playing, and I have a lot of heroes that have busted down the door for guys like me that help me make music like I make it and tour like I tour," Chesney while accepting his Road Warrior award. "And Bruce is one of those. I met Neil Diamond, it was an honor to meet someone like Neil Diamond who continues to have focus and record music and go out and entertain people. To be able to do that in my life is one of the biggest honors and thrills that I have."

(Photo: Michael Seto)

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