Sunday, November 18, 2012

Florida Georgia Line Has A Lot To Be Thankful For

With “Cruise” becoming their first #1 in Canada and also a top five single and selling over a million copies to be certified platinum in the USA, Florida Georgia Line definitely has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

They’ve been working non-stop this year but they will take some time to spend the holiday with their family. 

Tyler says, “I always go to Alabama. That’s where my….besides my mom and sister, that’s where the rest of my family is so we always go to Alabama and always have growing up, and we have a big dinner, lunch or dinner. Usually both.” 

Tyler and Brian both agree on one of their favorite dishes to see on the Thanksgiving table … sweet potato casserole. “If there’s not any sweet potato casserole its not Thanksgiving,” says Tyler. 

Brian says, “I would second that. My mom makes really good sweet potato casserole.” Tyler says his grandma’s sweet potato casserole is so good, “I can do without the turkey even. It doesn’t really bother me but I need to have some of those good rolls with a lot of butter on it and some sweet potato casserole.”

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