Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Music for Mineral: The Aftershock of Hope"

The online voting that drew Alan Jackson to a high school parking lot Sunday night may have started as "kind of a complicated little deal" to promote his album, the country music star told 6,000 people who gathered to hear him sing.

But as so many votes came in for Mineral, he said, the contest ended up showing the power of people coming together to aid a tiny community hit hard by a magnitude-5.8 quake Aug. 23.

His "Music for Mineral: The Aftershock of Hope" benefit concert near the quake's epicenter raised $152,500 for the Louisa Education Foundation to assist in rebuilding the county's schools.

It was held in the parking lot of Louisa County High School, which was condemned after the quake.

"This is probably the biggest thing Louisa ever had," said Lindsey Moroch, a 2008 graduate of Louisa High School.

- By Karin Kapsidelis - Richmond Times-Dispatch

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